What is LAB Week?

LAB WEEK is based on Learning by experience in two forms. First, each student will be a part of a business start-up and compete for market supremacy. This will involve hands-on decision-making and executing business plans to ensure company success. The second experience is brought to students through community business leaders who share real-life experience while teaching students how to run their own company. Students develop a solid introduction to the free enterprise system.


Teambuilding and Leadership

Orientation to LAB's dynamic computer-simulated marketplace. Team-building, problem-solving and social integration. Election of officers. And young entrepreneurs are off and running!


Fundamentals of Business

The cornerstones of business become the catchwords of the day - planning, product differentiation, diversification, pricing, production strategies, consumer analysis, market share, risk-taking and more.



Innovative activities and strategies for publicity, promotion, public relations, advertising and sales. Role-plays, a spirited, interactive press conference and a whole lot more.


International Business

Exploring other cultures, and the benefits and risks of doing business in foreign countries. Videoconferences are held with Lubrizol employees in Japan, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Canada and China among others.


Management/Labor Wages

Fringe benefits, restructuring plans, people management, ethics. The "guts" of competitive life in business, followed by the keen emotions and survival instincts of labor negotiations.



Learn from successful entrepreneurs what it takes to start and run your own business. They'll share their successes, failures, and challenges in an engaging and interactive format. At the end of the day we celebrate success by recognizing student companies that have captured the golden rings in the week's simulated marketplace: Top earnings, stock price and market share.

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