Frequently Asked Questions

Is LAB like summer school?
Not summer school as you would imagine. LAB is an exciting, award-winning program that teaches free enterprise and entrepreneurship through hands-on activities and an interactive business simulation. In 34 years, LAB has successfully graduated more than 1,900 current and future business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and nonprofit managers. And even for those who do not pursue a business career, LAB enhances leadership skills and self-esteem that are necessary in all walks of life.

Is it mostly classroom lectures?
That is only a small part. LAB is about five-person teams of qualified sophomores and juniors competing for honors as company teams in a sophisticated computer-simulated marketplace.

Do I have to plan for a business degree to apply?
Absolutely not. LAB is not all super-brains. The program inspires future decision-makers of all sorts. It welcomes valedictorians, kids with chutzpah (ask Mom), maybe with a little different approach to life, who perhaps need motivation or a reward, or who may not have the best grades but who may be someone some day.

Is it all work?
LAB days are long and intensive, but there's also time for recreation, making new friends (many kept for life), and just having fun.

Is it all at Lake Erie College?
Much of it is, but field trips to area businesses reveal how others have applied the principles LAB students experience.

Do I need to dress up?
At certain times LAB students wear business attire. Other times dress is business casual. During recreation periods students are allowed athletic wear.

Can I bring a car?
No, during the week students are restricted to the campus except for field trips. LAB provides all transportation. Students who arrive by car must relinquish their keys to LAB staff.

Can I have visitors?
Generally not. If absolutely necessary, immediate family members may visit on matters of importance, but they must call in advance and check in with the LAB staff upon arrival. During LAB Week students have little time for visitations. Students bring ample clothes and supplies for the week. Washers and dryers are available.

Do I need a laptop or other electronic device?
Not really. Although they are sometimes handy in creating ads, doing research or gathering information.

May I bring snacks and beverages?
Yes, but Lake Erie College prohibits alcohol and smoking on campus. Painesville and the State of Ohio prohibit the possession of many substances. LAB students must abide by these laws.

Who runs the program?
The LAB staff with the support of more than 100 volunteer business and nonprofit professionals who share their expertise and provide excellent networking opportunities.

Is it hard to get in?
LAB Week is competitive. In most years the program receives more than 100 applications from numerous high schools for its 60 openings. That figure is determined by the capacity of the dormitory in which students reside during the entire week. LAB does maintain a short waiting list in case an accepted student cannot attend.

Is there a cost to participate in LAB Week?
Yes. The cost per student is $200 (all-inclusive). Please contact us to learn more about our needs-based scholarships.

Other questions?
Email the LAB office at

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