Why Attend LAB?

The hands-on free-enterprise program exposes students to all aspects of the business world. In one short week participants form a virtual global company, develop a management team and structure, create and execute a business plan that includes production, marketing, and sales goals. To be successful they have to deliver results to shareholders.

During LAB week teams make significant product development, marketing, sales, and management decisions. Some of the decisions they face include supply, safety, pricing, and ethical issues, plus catastrophic events. The virtual businesses are modeled - and their success, or failure, measured - using a dynamic, sophisticated, computer-simulated marketplace to reflect each of these decisions in their quarterly stock price.

To connect LAB's principles and activities to the real business world (for-profit or non-profit), more than one hundred savvy and successful community business volunteers share their talent and knowledge as presenters, panelists, mentors, coaches, and advisers.

LAB also introduces students to life skills to build on in the future in becoming successful business leaders in the global marketplace.

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